Subsea Cable

About us : Submarine Cable Project Engineering

Our Expertise: submarine cables design, production and installation

Subsea Cables Consultants Limited -SCCL- is an independent international engineering consultancy company located in Oslo - Norway. We are specialised in submarine cables design, production and installation.

Our expertise is proven over 40 years experience from designing and executing submarine cable projects, and we have been directly involved in more than 100 submarine cables studies and 40 projects realisation. Submarine cable engineering is a very specialised area in which the real technical expertise is rare. SCCL has the competence to help and advise how to get an optimised cable design for power transmission between locations divided by sea, such as: from oil & gas platform to shore, from wind farm (or tidal/wave device) to shore, for a wind farm layout, between countries or islands, or in any other situation where subsea cable is necessary.

Our experience with subsea cables includes both AC and DC transmission systems with XLPE, MI or SCFF types of subsea cable insulation systems. We have participated as experts in a large number of technical working groups (CIGRE, IEC, NEK, IEA, ENERGI 21) both on theoretical and practical matters related to medium and high voltage subsea cables. We have published a significant number of papers which are today used by the offshore industry. As we have been actively involved in the development of AC and DC subsea cables we are also aware of the last developments and R&D efforts at the major subsea cable manufacturers.

Our strength is to be able to define complete solutions based on the last theoretical calculations up to date (CIGRE, IEC, etc) but also on practical considerations using our experience of projects execution. As we have hands on experience in design, production, installation and project management -, we consider also practical limitations and risk issues during execution and operation when designing a system. We have experienced that performing good specialised engineering for an offshore project results in significant cost savings and reduced risks.

With an in depth technical expertise in the subsea cable area, we will be able, if required, to assist or manage the project along all steps, from engineering studies (typically: feasibility study, cable and system design, cost estimation, risk assessment, list of recommendations), seabed surveys, cable and installation technical specifications, pre-qualification requirements, tender preparation, bids evaluation, procurement support, follow up of project execution (cable supplier and/or installer), and up to commissioning.